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The island of Stromboli is situated north east of Sicily in the Tyrrhenian Sea, the main port for to reach the island is located in Milazzo, it has an area of 12 square kilometers and 3 small towns: San Bartolo and San Vincenzo on the eastern side and the small town of Ginostra village located in the north-west, accessible prevalently by boat.
Stromboli belongs to the group of the Aeolian islands, all of volcanic origin, declared a world heritage site from Unesco for the inestimable value in geological terms. Her constant state of activity and the relative ease with which you can reach the higher parts of the mountain, make of Stromboli one of the most visited by foot volcanoes. The island is shaped like a cone and the top reaches 924 meters above sea level is only part emerged from the sea in a massive volcanic structure whose base is located about 2000 meters deep. The Stromboli volcano is in constant activity which consists of persistent explosions that follow each other with an hourly frequency at intervals of 15-30 minutes from each other in which they are emitted the ashes, lapilli and stones which can reach 200 meters in height, as often it happens with the emission of lava streams that are poured to the sea below through the natural channel of the Stream Of Fire. The island of Stromboli despite the volcanic nature and its crags, is covered by dense typical Mediterranean vegetation.On this island you can see several species of birds including the Imperial Crow or peregrine falcon. Stromboli is a favorite destination for lovers of trekking, the island has a special charm that attracts millions of excursionists since it deals with island and active volcano. Clarissa Travel is a Tour Operator that using expert guides Volcanological polyglot, organizing groups to the climb to the top of craters are located 926 meters height s.l.m. During the excursions our Guides Volcanological disclose to participants the trekking information on the geological nature of the island, the lush vegetation and fauna.
The experience and knowledge out walking routes to reach the top of the volcano Stromboli of our Volcanological Guides, guarantees an excursion in maximum security.
Excursion in the afternoon to the top of the crater of Stromboli which lasts about five hours. During the climb you will carry out the 15/20 minutes they stop to be able to rest.Departures are including in the schedules to 15/17 according to the period. The groups are formed from a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 20 participants.


they are mandatory:safety helmet, hiking boots and an electric torch with alkaline batteries. Clothing: we recommend the plush, windcheater jacket, long pants, t-shirts of ricambio, tissue anti - dust stock food: water, sandwiches, chocolate or dried fruit


General conditions

The tours are not recommended for people cardiopathic, asthmatics, suffering from vertigo and children under 10 years. For safety reasons, the Volcanological Guide will reserve the final decision for departure, according to weather conditions, the equipment, the physical conditions of the individual excursionists.

Booking procedures

It is recommended to book well in advance of the desired date, to be sure to find a place in the group. We accept reservations indicating the number of participants and the date on which you want to make the trip with payment can be made through our website

Special offer for holiday to the Aeolian Islands with including excursion and mini cruises.

Our agency offers to all its customers the possibility to use the complete package stay for groups or individuals who want to spend their holidays in one of the islands in the aeolian archipelago, including the possibility to make excursion by boat to the other islands.
If you have different needs from those provided in our packages or for any questions you can contact us our phone numbers listed at the bottom of the page.

Offers For The Festivity of of Easter

There are available the new offers for the Easter 2016, for sojourn to the aeolian islands, in our offers can find in addition at sojourn in Hotel*** also the daily minicruise with motor ship for the visit of the different islands of aeolian archipelago.

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